Medical Supply Challenge

We created this challenge in an effort to show customers why they should do business with us. We are a distributor for all the major brands of medical supplies & equipment and we are confident that we can save you money. We look forward to building a long term relationship serving you and invite you to experience the Priority difference.


  1. Send us a competitor's invoice (dated within the last 3 months) for medical supplies and/or equipment.

  2. We will then send it back to you with our prices and your total savings circled.

  3. If we can't meet or beat a competitor's prices and save you money, we will send you $100 Store Credit.

  4. To participate send us your invoice by email ([email protected]) or click below:

Please Note:

Priority Health Supplies only sells medical supplies and equipment that is brand new and genuine. Therefore products on invoice must also be new and genuine. Used, refurbished, grey market products and special manufacturer or distributor promotions do not qualify for this challenge. The amount of money we are able to save you varies by product and order size.